Join me for 10 weeks of working out together this summer. This session will be all online and can be done at home with very little equipment. If you are planning to live by the pool all summer (like me) then grab your gear and lets get sweaty poolside.

How does it work? Each week during the session I will send you a packet with two workouts that you can do AT HOME (so no excuses). This Summer Session will start June 24th and run through September 2nd.
Where do I sign up? Fill out this form and choose the Summer Session option and you will hear from me within 48 hours. June 19th is the last day to sign up.
How much does it cost? These sessions are $6 a week, with the option to pay $60 in full for the 10 weeks OR to be charged $6 on a weekly bases. 

*These Seasonal sessions are a great tool if you are looking to start working out and have limited resources, experience, or time. They are a great introduction to how I structure online training as well, so if you have been considering online training this is a great place to start!