Let’s commit to bettering our overall health and cheering each other on.


The Fitness Fan Club works out all year! You can join at anytime.

Fun with fitness

This online group is created to be a fun space to spice up your fitness routine… or lack there of. It hopes to give you the tools to succeed.

Motivation & Accountability

Focused on keeping you motivated and accountable! Oh yeah and theres presents.


Home Based & Gym

Workout options for both the home and gym workout enthusiasts.

Meal Ideas

Ways to eat clean for meals and snacks


How does it work?

This group will run though a portal on the website that is password protected so only the other fellow group members can enter. A gym is not necessary to join the Fitness Fan Club.

Depending on what you choose you will get 1-3 workouts a week that can be printed or downloaded to your phone. We will do check in’s in the middle and end of every week. I will be posting things to keep you motivated, science to expand your fitness knowledge, and meals and snacks you can try that are fit for the season.

This group is about cheering each other on and giving you the motivation you are looking for to make some lasting changes to you health and wellness.

Whats it cost?

There are a few memberships to choose from

Relaxation Queens // This membership is free! You get access to the portal with all the motivational support you could want and one workout a week. Meal tips and chances to win some pretty cool prizes.

Party Animals // This membership is $8 a week or $28 a month. You get everything in the Pajama Queens membership plus two additional workouts a week, a Gains Giftbox sent to you each month, and two One on One personal training consultations made to fit your specific goals each season

*Billed through Paypal or Venmo what ever you prefer.

What kind of shape do I need to be in?

ANY! It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, we can make any exercises easier or harder depending on your level. The only thing you need is the commitment and patience it takes to make some changes to your health and wellness. AND to help cheer on your fellow Fitness Fan Club Members.